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"Children - just as poets, musicians and scientists - are eager explorers and creators. They have got the art of exploring and they are very receptive to the joy of wonder."

Loris Malaguzzi

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Staatl. anerk. Erzieherin (m/w), Kindheitspädagogin (m/w), Sozialpädagogin (m/w) oder staatl. gepr. Kinderpflegerin (m/w)

eine unbefristete Vollzeit, 38,5 WS- sowie auch als Teilzeitstelle für eine achtsame Begleitung von Kindern zur Bildung, Erziehung und Betreuung ab dem 3. Lebensjahr bis zum Schuleintritt

Das Team in unserem IntegrativenKinderhaus Gilching (im Landkreis Starnberg - S-Bahn-Anschluss), zur Bildung, Erziehung und Betreuung von Kindern ab dem 3. Lebensjahr bis zum Schuleintritt freuen sich auf eine Unterstützung

Wir wünschen uns KollegInnen,  die Freude an der pädagogischen Arbeit und Projektarbeit mitbringen und sich an der konzeptionellen Aufbauarbeit gerne beteiligen.

Wichtig sind uns: Pädagogische Kompetenz und Erfahrung insbesondere mit Kindern der Altersgruppe 3-6 Jahren, Freude an konzeptioneller Aufbauarbeit im Sinne der pädagogischen Philosophie des Trägers, wertschätzende Zusammenarbeit mit Eltern, Träger und Kommune, strukturierte und ergebnisorientierte Arbeitsweise, Teamorientierung.

Unsere Tagesstätten sind auf dem Weg zu einer reggio-orientierten Lernkultur, die Teams arbeiten auch übergreifend, etwa im Bereich der Fortbildung und Praxisberatung, zusammen. KinderArt ist ein innovativer Träger mit flachen Strukturen, der seine Teams umfassend unterstützt.

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Dann schauen Sie auf unsere Website zum Integrativen Kinderhaus Gilching, hier bekommen Sie noch einige weitere Einblicke. Viel Freude

Wir sind gespannt auf Ihre Online-Bewerbung! Eine Erstinformation zu diesem Angebot erhalten Sie gerne auch vorab telefonisch  von der Fachsteuerung und Geschäftsführerin  Frau Monika Fehringer (Ruf: 0170/5542362). Unsere  Vergütung orientiert sich am TVÖD, Zusatzaltersversorgung inklusiv.

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KinderArt GmbH   Geschäftsstelle Cecinastr. 74 in 82205 Gilching / Landkreis Starnberg


Trainees are welcome. We follow you gladly during your internship and are happy to provide you with more details. 

KinderArt: a private provider for children's daycare centres with flat hierarchies. With us you'll find opportunities to give shape to your special talents and capabilities. 
Our philosophy:
„We refer to a child, that listens and observes, but that also acts and demands and that in this way actively shapes its development" (Carla Rinaldi)
Your internship: 
Did you gladly choose your profession? We take care of children from a few months onwards until fourth grade of elementary school. 

In the KinderArt Houses we work together inspired by the Reggio-Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education. 
We look forward to meeting you!

Here you'll get the complete info:
KinderArt GmbH
Cecinastrasse 74
82335 Gilching

Online-candidacy! Info on this offer is also available by phone: (08105) 7304144

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Questions -  via mail:
bewerbung (at)

Spontaneous applications

For our midterm plannings regarding the expansion of our teams in the daycare centres spontaneous applications are welcome any time!  
Phone (08105) 7304144, E-mail: bewerbung [at] For each successful placement we pay a bonus of € 500.  

For the necessary recognition of training certificates or university degrees please visit the webpage of the Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs : and see also here: Download Ausbildungsabschlüsse Bayern.pdf More info for candidates with training certificates or university degrees acquired abroad can be found below under:  "Send us your online candidacy"

Looking for a new challenge?

You are a state approved educator or child care professional, committed to your profession and with a future-oriented understanding of education?  You know that Reggio is not only a town in Italy and you consider yourself a professional of the culture of learning? You create a valuable educational partnership with the parents? You appreciate team culture based on autonomous competence? You are familiar with the PC and the standard user programms?  If you add to this some professional experience, if you speak more than one language and you completed your pedagogic training abroad, we are glad to meet you. As far as possible within the individual daycare centre we'll help you after an excellent internship to get started with your job. Your are also welcome as a committed vocational apprentice! . 

Send us your online candidacy

If you have continued to read until you arrived here, just contact us or send a short online candidacy to:  bewerbung [at]   Important notice: Due to legal requirements we can only hire officially recognized educators or child care professionals or social or early childhood pedagogues with an official degree. If you should have completed your professional training abroad or you have acquired any other type of pedagogic degree in Germany, please inform yourself first on the Website of the Bavarian Youth Welfare Office, if your training certificate or degree will be recognized as equivalent. There is also a table available for download that lists all the professional degrees acquired abroad that were already recognized by the Bavarian State as equivalent. If you have still got questions, we'll gladly help you, but please check the table first.
We look forward to meeting you!

Development support according to KinderArt

We are a committed private provider of children's daycare centres with flat hierarchies. With us you'll find the opportunity to express your special talents and capabilities. Highly qualified and well-trained personnel is one of the most important resources for our work with the children and it is also our biggest responsibility as provider! We offer you opportunities for your professional growth in a team and also for your career development; we have very good staffing conditions and we are working continuously to improve them.  Working with us you'll find extra time for educational quality and an appropriate compensation that corresponds to your responsibilities; you'll work 38,5 hours per week. To this a supplementary pension scheme is added. Normally our employment contracts are of indefinite duration. For the children of our employees we take care of the parental contributions, so that they can frequent our daycare centres for free. 

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