Parents Council


At the beginning of the administrative years the parents elect their representatives. Those constitute the Parents Council. The Council supports and promotes the cooperation between provider and personnel and between the parents. The Council can take the initivative and make proper suggestions to the provider. For certain issues the Council must be listened to. 

We involve the parents council in our work and our programs. With the parents representatives that were voted for we have a committed and helpful panel that supports our work and a large number of bigger projects. According to the motto: "How to help the kindergarten efficiently" the parents council is committed to the realization of our ideas and projects for the kindergarten.       

This is done either by financial support or active cooperation. Therefore it is natural for us to consult the parents council regarding pending problems and questions. 

Functions in 2016/17 and 2017/18 as follows: 

Head: : 
Martin Stelzer 

Deputy Head: 
Claudia Scheibe

Joep Loos
Deputy Helene Otzmann

Public Relations: 
Leni Jentsch

Cathleen Respa

Bianka Schneider

INFO Parents Council here

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