The results of the 2018 Employees Survey are available now:


93 % of the KinderArt employees participated in the survey.

88 % of our employees so far have not regretted to work at KinderArt.

As a company we are very proud of these results and the commitment of our employees!

The most important results can be found here

Final results of the 2018 KinderArt Parents Survey

We are happy that 78 % of all parents of our daycare centres took part in the survey; this is the highest ratio since many years and it demonstrates the great interest and commitment of the parents.

79 % of the parents are  completely and very satisfied with the work of our daycare centres

The KinderArt Parents Survey takes place every year and includes for each daycare centre a series of precise questions,  regarding among other issues the pedagogic quality, the cooperation with the parents, the opening hours, the facilities.

The survey is anonymous, all data is elaborated by an external body.

Donation for the "low-level ropes course" of the elementary school Oskar Maria Graf in Aufkirchen


Inauguration of the low-level ropes course. The Managing Director of KinderArt, Gerhard S. Jaeger (2nd from the left) supported the school's booster club with a generous donation for the low-level ropes course.

Info sheet „Vaccinated – protected: at daycare centres for children“

Dear Parents,

the Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs issued info on the current topic "Vaccination", that we publish for you here below. The Ministry communicated in a letter to all Bavarian children's daycare centres its decision, that this leaflet shall be an integral part of all care contracts. 

More info of how we from KinderArt handle this is available from your Kita.

Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs on Vaccination

Job openings

Job openings: For our midterm planning regarding the expansion of our teams at the daycare centres we welcome your candidacy anytime! Return to work. 

For current employment opportunities at KinderArt click here

Read here below the current brochure of the Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs: 

AIKIDO at the Integrativen Kinderhaus Gilching!

The modern japanese martial art AIKIDO can be praticed now at the Kinderhaus! 
Mutekatsu Dojo - contact person and trainer Mr Nagy-Horvath will be glad about your and - in particular -  your children's interest!  
More Info:

Info on AIKIDO
Etiquette at AIKIDO

Life with an innate immune deficiency

Here below we make an interesting brochure available for you.

Life with an innate immune deficiency.

 Changes at the top management of the KinderArt GmbH, from 01/09/2018 on


Starting September 1, 2018 Mrs  Monika Fehringer, currently Deputy Managing Director, will take over the entire management of the company. She is succeeding Mr Gerhard S. Jaeger , who will retire from daily operations after having been 9 years at the top management of KinderArt,  right from its start in 2009.  As one of the shareholders of the company, however, Mr Jaeger will remain committed to the company. 

Within her management tasks Mrs Fehringer will continue to be responsible for the overall pedagogic management, professional competence and personnel management, as well as for all questions of child protection in our daycare centres.

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