KinderArt GmbH

Head Office:
Cecinastr. 74  
82205 Gilching    

(08105) 7304144

office [at]

Bank details:  
Vereinigte Sparkassen im Landkreis Weilheim i. OB  
IBAN:  DE62 7035  1030  0032  2371  74  

Applications for available places and questions regarding our Kitas will be answered directly from the specific Kita involved. Only they can give binding info. Contact details here below. 

Questions regarding the settlement of the parental contributions will be answered by 
Ms Sandra Brüggemann from the Office-Management at the Head Office 
E-mail: brueggemann [at]

Daycare centre for schoolchildren Aufkirchen

Marienstraße 9  
82335 Berg/Aufkirchen    
Divisional Director of  "Hort KIKU" (Old School) and Deputy Head of Daycare Centre for Schoolchildren:  
Pia Wirbser 
Phone: (08151) 5 05 88  
E-mail: sts.aufkirchen-kiku [at]    

Divisional Director of  "Hort ZEPRALON" (Old School):  
Manuela Schreiner  
Phone: (08151) 6500336  
E-mail: sts.aufkirchen-zepralon [at]    

Overall Management and Divisional Director of "Hort FANTA 4" (at the OMG-School):  
Kinga Balogh 
Phone: (08151) 6516077  E-mail: sts.aufkirchen-fanta4 [at] 

Kinderhaus "Höhenrainer Füchse"

Geranienweg 9  
82335 Höhenrain
Management:  Elke Gerlach     
Phone:  (08171) 17793
E-mail:  hoehenrainer-fuechse [at] 

Abenteuerhaus - The Kinderhaus in Berg

König-Ludwig-Weg 12  
82335 Berg    

Management:  Bärbel Seizinger    
Phone:  (08151) 95467    

E-mail:  abenteuerhaus.berg [at] 

Integrative Kinderhaus Gilching

Frühlingstr. 14  
82205 Gilching    

Management:  Kommissarisch Britta Räth
Phone:  (08105) 7759210    

E-mail:  i-kinderhaus.gilching [at] 

Infant Daycare Centre "Pusteblume" Andechs/Machtlfing

Traubinger Str. 2  
82346 Andechs/Machtlfing    

Management:  Magdalena Bernlochner   
Phone:  (08157) 9992641    

E-mail:  pusteblume [at]

Professional Visitors - Tours - Guests

Professional visitors as well as visitor groups that want to learn more about our work locally and about us as provider are welcome. In order to know more about your requirements and to allow for due preparation please pre-register with Ms Brüggemann from our KinderArt-Office:  E-mail: brueggemann (at) Telefon: +49 (8105) 7304144    

She will inform you about ticket costs for individuals or groups; she will fine-tune with you your specific requests and provide you with all details regarding your visit. 

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