Welcome to the Abenteuerhaus - The Kinderhaus in Berg!

The Starnberger See at their feet and nature directly in front of the door: This is our Kinderhaus in Berg.  und die Natur direkt vor der Haustür: 

"Comprehending the world while playing"  – this is to be understood literally in Berg: Functional rooms for project work invite to investigate and to discover.

Also for retreat there is plenty of room: Cozy corners, niches and caves offer room to relax. Our relationship with the children is partner-like, respectful and attentive. 

On the following pages you'll find more info! 

Abenteuerhaus - The Kinderhaus in Berg 
König-Ludwig-Weg 12 
82335 Berg    

Bärbel Seizinger    

(08151) 95467    

abenteuerhaus.berg [at]

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