ABENTEUERHAUS BERG - Our pedagogic approach


Our dealing with  the children is based on a partner-like and open level. Our goal is the personality development of each child. We focus in our educational and childcare work on the following:

The children like coming to us

To achieve this we create an atmosphere, in which children feel at their ease. By clear rules and common values and limits we provide orientation and security for them. In our daily routine we respect their needs for movement, free spaces, rest, cozyness, spontaneity and reliability. 

The children learn social action (social skills)

Development of social skills – where many children meet – there will be different opinions and contrasts. Children should learn to resolve conflict in and open and partner-like manner and without violence. They should learn:

  • To help others
  • To develop understanding for others
  • To acknowledge the nececessity of rules and to respect them

Children evolve into independent and self-confident personalities (self competency)
We create free spaces for action. The development of self competency means for us that children learn

  • To perceive themselves and their surroundings and to accept it
  • To express their feelings in a proper way
  • To communicate their needs, interests and their sensitivities in order to be able to react and to act autonomously
  • To assume responsibility for their actions 
  • To be self-confident and to be able to deal with criticism

The shaping of transition periods

By learning experiences suitable for children and the integral and individual promotion, we want the children enlarge their knowledge and develop their artistic, motor and cognitive capabilities, in order to prepare them well for school. We accompany the children in transition periods, and we make important learning experiences possible, which will help them to create new challenges. In this parental educational responsibility is of major importance. This is why we involve parents in our pedagogic work, and we counsel them, especially in transition periods. Kindergarten and school have a different understanding of education. In Kindergarten we start from the premise that children have a natural interest to learn and to understand and we take this as our basis and we enable them by to discover the world, providing them with the most different stimuli.

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