Partnership with the parents

INTEGRATIVES KINDERHAUS GILCHING - Partnership with the parents


Our offer for the parents:

Between-doors talks
By between-doors talks we understand the exchange of short info and agreements when children are brought to or picked-up from the daycare centre. As these are phases of intense surveillance, we ask you for your understanding that we can dedicate to you only little time. We gladly fix appointments for you for extensive talks in a separate moment.  

Talks with parents
During the talks for which an appointment had been fixed, you have the opportunity to inform yourself and to discuss with us the development of your child. We focus on the exchange of information and expectations and on binding agreements. As standard we invite both parents to those talks.

In agreement with the educators involved you are welcome to spend an entire morning with the group of your child. You can experience how exciting a day with us can be, which are the interests of your child within our daycare centre, which actions are undertaken and which experiences are made by your child. It is important for us that after such a visit you will program some time to talk with us.

Info for parents
Through our info board at the entrance of the kindergarten we announce important dates in time, so that you can get organized. The info board should enable you to make programs and to respect them and it gives us the possibility of your cooperation.

Further to the info board we make use of the following possibilities to keep parents always updated:

  • Talks between the doors upon arriving or leaving das "Tür und Angelgespräch" beim Bringen/Abholen 
  • The programmed talk to parents (in the afternoon)
  • The board “We are ill”. You will receive information regarding which children‘s diseases have occured recently at our kindergarten.
  • On our projects  
  • Review of the day by each group (at the info board)
  • Parents Letters

Info events for parents
Evenings dedicated to specific topics according to interests and needs

Info evenings
For newcomers among the parents. Content-related and organizational issues are discussed.

Parents Survey
In every KinderArt Kindergarten a yearly parents survey is made. The survey focuses on::

  • The satisfaction of the child with the daycare centre
  • Needs from a parental point of view
  • The cooperation between parents and the parents council
  • The pedagogic offer
  • Childcare during schoolholidays
  • Equipment 
  • Food and drink 
  • Overall assessment 


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