Welcome to the KinderArt daycare centre for schoolchildren Aufkirchen

Our daycare centre for schoolchildren in Aufkirchen is located at the centre of the village but in the same time in the midst of a green area. During the last years we received an increasing number of requests. With support of the municipality of Berg we can offer a total of 90 places. The daycare centre consists now of three independently working daycare structures:  

Four pillars define our day-to-day life with the children: common learning experiences, common lunch, homework assistance and common activities indoor and outdoor.     

The daycare centre for schoolchildren in Aufkirchen is the oldest daycare offer in the district of Starnberg and is a big success story. The centre puts a lot of emphasis on a strict cooperation with parents and school. 

Daycare centre for schoolchildren Aufkirchen 
Marienstraße 9 
82335 Berg/Aufkirchen

Overall Management and Divisional Director for  "Hort FANTA 4" (at the OMG-School): 
Kinga Balogh 
Phone: (08151) 6516077 
E-mail: sts.aufkirchen-fanta4 [at]

Divisional Director for "Hort KIKU" (Old School) and Deputy Director of the Daycare Centre:
Pia Wirbser
Phone: (08151) 6516077  
E-mail: sts.aufkirchen-kiku [at] kinderart-kita

Divisional Director for "Hort ZEPRALON" (Old School): 
Manuela Schreiner  
Phone: (08151) 6500336 
E-mail: sts.aufkirchen-zepralon [at]    

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