Our daycare centres for schoolchildren orientate themselves to the "Recomendations for pedagogic work in Bavarian daycare centres for schoolchildren" by the Bavarian Ministry for Social Affairs. Daycare centres for schoolchildren support the families with the formation, education and care of children from 6 to approximately 12 years. 

Daycare centres for schoolchildren are places for living and learning additional to the family. Schoolchildren have the opportunity to try out ordinary and extraordinary activities, to make new experiences, to deal with them and to find suitable solutions. At the daycare centres emphasis is put on:  

  • Learning how to learn 
  • Responsibility
  • Independence
  • Meaningful leisure activities
  • Creativity 
  • Non-violent solution of conflicts
  • Taking into account specific requirements of girls and boys.

The field for experimentation refers not only to the partner in games, the communication among friends, common meals and the organization of celebrations, a big challenge is also represented by the meaningful elaboration of homework, the solution-oriented handling of problems and conflicts as well as an attractive project offer, given the fact that among six-to-twelve-year olds the thirst for knowledge is distinctive. 

Daycare centre for schoolchildren assist the family with education and offer a reliable framework complementary to the family. The full concept is available here for download. 

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