We refer to a child, that listens and observes, but that also acts and demands and that in this way shapes actively
its development. 
Carla Rinaldi

Carla Rinaldi

Welcome at KinderArt!

the innovative private provider of children's daycare centres

Our claim: To accompany each child on its way with care; to give parents the security, that their child is in good hands; to arrange for opening hours that allow for the reconciliation of family and work.    

We consider ourselves as a company, that values the professional and personal commitment of employees, parents and sponsors. We take care that parental contribution remains affordable. Together with 45 pedagogues we are committed to more than 360 children and their families. 

Our daycare centres link long-term tradition and experience to a clear pedagogic profile. We share openness, curiosity and the pleasure of learning with the children. We cultivate a trusting and reliable partnership with the municipalities - for the benefit of the children and their parents. 

On the tracks of our kids

Our KinderArt-children delight with their extraordinary ideas themselves, their families and their surroundings. The scientifically-based educational concept of KinderArt activates the children's self-education, their creativity and investigative spirit. Parents entrust us with their children, in order to be able to reconcile work and family life and to provide their children with the best development opportunities. 



Children are competent and eager to learn: Our understanding of education


The construction of knowledge is a big dance that moves through space and time. The process of learning is a daily new mixture of knowing. Children do not learn in a straight line, their learning resembles the flight of a butterfly, that perches here and there. 
H.-J. Laewen   

KinderArt stimulates the children and challenges them to understand themselves and the world integrally. They have got the innated talent to go into the world, freely and confidently. 

Our guiding principle focuses on the single child as a creature that inquires and explores its world. Our pedagogues are the companions of the children. We consider esthetic and creative learning as well as creating as important elements of all educational processes. We promote a culture of learning, that is inspired by the REGGIO-EMILIA APPROACH to Early Childhood Education and we orientate ourselves towards the "Berlin Declaration" of the National Family Forum. 

"Berlin Declaration“ of the National Family Forum. 

This is KinderArt

Since 2009 we are fully committed to daycare for children and we are the operators of an infant daycare center, three daycare centres for younger children and one centre for schoolchildren composed of three independent structures for children that go to elementary school. In total more than 360 children are currently registered at our daycare centres. 

We work close together with municipalities that want to professionalize daycare by competent and committed operators, thus orientating ourselves towards the requirements of everybody involved. 

Our educational principles:
A short presentation of KinderArt

Interview with Loris Malaguzzi

Founder of the municipal daycare centres for children in Reggio Emilia, Italy

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